Full-Service Package

We will work closely with our clients to develop a research plan best suited to their needs.  Our full-service assistance ensures that we will oversee the research project from its development through to the post-study presentation and report. We are happy to work with moderators of your choice or recommend one of the many reputable moderators we have worked closely with or even moderate ourselves.

Fieldwork Package

Using our client’s pre-determined research plan (to include chosen markets, target consumer specifications, research method, moderator) we will make facility recommendations and arrangements and manage the facility, the recruit, and client needs through the completion of the study. This includes all documentation.

We hold all of our moderators to the highest standards research professionalism. All of our moderators:

Are able to obtain a clear definition of the ‘deliverables’ for each project before the commencement of the project

Have years of experience with multiple brands in many luxury and general market segments

Can clearly understand the client’s needs and concerns before the commencement of the project

Bring in-depth knowledge of the Luxury and General market segments Should carefully research the past history and current positioning of a brand before commencing a research project

We believe that we distinguish ourselves from other market research resources by following strict standards of professional and ethical moderating and client support. All of our clients can be confident that our moderators:

  • Will assure that the logistics and facilities match the brand, the users, and thus enable the research

  • Will be more than an individual following a prepared guideline

  • Are marketing people

  • Have human sensitivity, good interactive skills, and are able to draw insights out of respondents to obtain the data relevant to the study.

A la Carte

If you find yourself pressed for time and need a rush screener/questionnaire, 11th hour recruit assistance, an experienced moderator, or simply a consultation on choosing the appropriate market for your study, we are happy to assist our clients on the smallest or largest of projects. We offer any of our services on an A la Carte basis.

Strategic research plan development

Respondent demographic breakdown

Market/facility selection and arraignments

Cost estimate compilation and negotiation

Screener/questionnaire drafting

Facility and recruit management (professional list recruiting available)

Screening review and recruitment troubleshooting (if necessary, we will offer assistance with specialty recruiting—strategized intercepts, phone-calls, references, etc.)

Client liaison/recruitment updates

Transcription setup

Coordination of web-streaming and video-conferencing

Individual respondent calls/homework review

Coordination of facility and focus group “day of” setup

Client package of directions and hotel accommodations for each research location

Rescreener drafting (administered by facility on day of groups)

Moderator briefing and discussion guide drafting with client

Group moderating

Post-study report drafting (Full or Topline)—Microsoft Word or Power Point Presentation

Post-study presentation with actionable, strategic counseling

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